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Unstable period? Prepare customer service centers for unknown events

during the outbreak of the epidemic, many customer service centers experienced a sharp fluctuation in the amount of interaction. More and more enterprises and governments require employees to work remotely from home or transfer their work to employees in less affected areas to maintain business continuity. In this crisis, bricom is providing the customer service center with solutions for home seats, including PC and app terminals, to help with the expected growth of business volume. From March 30, we began to convert existing customers to home seats for free

in the case of a health crisis, people's first sense will always be to search or more likely to pick up and call customer service directly. All industries are responding to more and more inquiries from relevant customers. At this time, the customer service center has become the first line of defense against the surge in traffic, and is also facing the pressure of managing employee safety and overall business continuity. Importantly, the customer service center can quickly support the work of home seats, switch work between different regions on the morning of December 12, and expand rapidly according to the peak of customer interaction

both health experts and customer service center managers agree that in the event of a crisis, the organization must formulate an established plan for its customer service center, which may affect the customer service center in many ways: reduce the company's ability to normally answer or process information, and the nature of incoming calls and SMS traffic will change

the goal of any company is to keep the business running smoothly while ensuring the safety of employees and customers. The plan carefully prepared by the company must include:

1 How to handle the increased query volume

2 How to staff the customer service center to accommodate more and arrange the minimum number of seats

3 How to ensure the safety of employees

4 Since the outbreak of covid-19, many enterprises and government agencies have seen a substantial increase in customer interaction. To handle this customer service center software, you must have two very critical functions: simple scripts with flexibility and scalability

first of all, customer service center managers must consider the flexibility of quickly updating call flow and call overflow. Customers will not and cannot wait for hours, so the IVR system must be able to easily make changes to transmit key information and provide callback options, guide them into the queue to provide self-service. Digital display can only simply display service information for experimental data, or give priority to their calls to the next serviceable seat according to the urgency

secondly, the platform must rely on cloud technology to expand or add additional seats to support the increase in customer volume, including email, webchat, social media and voice call interaction. This means that it can support the creation of new users quickly and easily, and provide the functions required for agents to process work orders

bricom cloud Omni channel customer service center platform enables organizations to quickly expand up or down to ensure that they can respond to changing conditions regardless of your situation

when the number of seats reaches hundreds or thousands, the establishment of a human resource optimization system will greatly benefit the customer service center. The team management software arranges seats based on needs, uses AI to detect and respond to vacancies in the scheduling schedule, and allows the operation of what if scenarios to determine personnel needs in case of personnel shortages

during the outbreak of the epidemic, some plans of the customer service center usually include the ability of employees to work remotely as part of the disaster plan. The bricom cloud customer service center platform can provide free software, and the seats only need a home computer and network connection to work

from the automatic call distributor (ACD) is routed to the agent, and the customer information is displayed on the pop-up screen before answering the call. Call records can be stored in the cloud, and managers can monitor agent activities from any location

in a crisis, the primary task of the customer service center is to ensure that customers can always contact the customer service center even in the case of network or voice service interruption. Business continuity and disaster recovery (bc/dr) of network and voice connections should be part of any contingency plan

part of an effective bc/dr plan is to use the second secure data connection as a backup and automatically switch to the backup network in case of network downtime. Voice connection also adopts the same method, because it is the most widely used channel in customer service centers. Bricom has hosted voice for contact centers, which can provide Internet service providers (ISPs) of the company's choice

although it is impossible to predict how the virus outbreak or other disasters will affect the business with the advent of new technologies such as Internet technology, 3D printing technology and gene testing technology, the customer service center can prepare for the crisis by planning how to deal with emergencies within the company. Similarly, the main objective of the plan should be to provide assistance while ensuring the safety of employees and the normal operation of the enterprise

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