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Preparations for the Western International Equipment Manufacturing Expo were launched in advance

following the successful holding of the 14th Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Western Manufacturing Expo) (Xi'an) and the 15th Western Manufacturing Expo (Chengdu), the preparations for the 16th Western Manufacturing Expo, which is planned to be held in Xi'an in March 2013, have been launched in advance

2. Accessories and things including the application functions of the experimental machine should be supplied at random.

recently, the first preparatory meeting of the 16th Western Manufacturing Expo 2013 with the theme of pragmatism, specialization and creating brilliance was successfully held in Xi'an. A total of more than 80 people, including the leaders and representatives of the main co organizers and organizers of the Western Manufacturing Expo, attended the meeting. The organizers, Tian Li, director of the office of the Shaanxi Provincial Leading Group for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, and Mi Weixin, Deputy Secretary General of the Xi'an Municipal People's government, attended the meeting. The China Machinery Industry Federation also sent a letter and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on the preparatory work. The meeting was presided over by Bai Xiaoguang, President of Shaanxi Machinery Industry Association

at first, the person in charge of the organizer reported on the holding of the 14th and 15th Western Manufacturing Expo 2012; The overall plan of the 16th Western Manufacturing Expo (Xi'an) in 2013 was introduced. In order to facilitate the centralized display of exhibitors and government groups, and professional visitors to understand the exhibits and negotiate more comprehensively and conveniently, the 16th Xi'an Manufacturing Expo will be held in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 14 to 17, 2013, with a planned exhibition area of 80000 square meters and 4000 booths. At the same time, the 16th Western China International equipment manufacturing industry development forum and the third Western China International equipment manufacturing buyers' conference will be held. The organizer said that it would continue to adhere to the exhibition purpose of pragmatic sharing and creating a win-win situation, further improve the specialization and internationalization of the exhibition, and improve the service level and level of the exhibition

the leaders of Xi'an municipal government and the Municipal Commission of industry and information technology said that Xi'an is the leading city of the advanced manufacturing base of guantian Economic Zone, and will continue to strengthen efforts to organize its industrial parks and advantageous equipment enterprises to actively participate in the exhibition, and continue to increase the docking of industrial projects during the exhibition. The leaders of Chengdu Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Expo also said that they should learn from the experience of Xi'an exhibition, encourage and guide the industrial parks and equipment enterprises in Chengdu to participate in the exhibition, and fully support the development and expansion of the 17th Chengdu Exhibition

the leaders of the organizer fully affirmed the theme of pragmatism, specialization and co creation of brilliance proposed by the organizer, and said that they would, as always, fully support the Western Manufacturing Expo to continue to be stronger, better and become a truly international equipment exhibition

the participants had a serious discussion on how to do a good job in the exhibition, investment invitation, conference activities, professional audience organization, publicity and implementation of the 16th Western Manufacturing Expo, and put forward corresponding suggestions:

first, after more than ten years of development, with the efforts and support of all aspects, the Western Manufacturing Expo has become an exhibition with large scale, strong attraction and influence. We should cherish the brand influence of the Western Manufacturing Expo, work pragmatically, and make the Western Manufacturing Expo a boutique in equipment exhibitions

second, in view of the complex changes and impacts of the economic situation at home and abroad, the equipment manufacturing industry is facing new opportunities and challenges, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading has become the consensus of the industry. As an effective platform for product exchange, technology exchange and information exchange, the exhibition will provide effective support for the development of equipment manufacturing industry and play a more important role. The exhibition should further strengthen the concept of serving exhibitors, buyers and the development of the industry, enhance confidence, carefully plan and improve the scheme, and make all work fine, refined and standardized

third, we should continue to expand the international influence of the Western Manufacturing Expo, make full use of the international platform role of the Eurasian Industrial Expo, strive to attract the products and technologies of internationally renowned enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and invite foreign users and industry figures to visit the pipes insulated with Bayer polyurethane, which can reduce heat consumption, promote the contact and cooperation between international equipment manufacturing industries, and promote the foreign sales of China's equipment products

fourth, on the premise of ensuring the participation of large enterprises and key enterprises, we should pay attention to attracting and arranging high-tech products and new products, the first set of products, and the fine products of small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises

fifth, further strengthen the invitation of professional visitors, organize the contact and reception of government groups, promote the interaction between production and marketing, and enhance the role and effect of the exhibition

sixth, further improve the service facilities during the meeting, increase service personnel, innovate management and service ideas. In addition, it is also a transparent and sealed container to improve the service level

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