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Cheng Siwei made suggestions for the domestic chemical industry

Cheng Siwei made suggestions for the domestic chemical industry

October 29, 2003

vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the Organizing Committee of the world Economic Development Declaration series of activities, Cheng Siwei pointed out in an interview with the media at the Great Hall of the people on October 17 that there have been many comments on the appreciation of the RMB in recent times,

in the near future, the RMB should remain basically stable on the basis of reasonable equilibrium; In the long run, we need to establish a more balanced and reasonable exchange rate mechanism, so as to realize the full convertibility of RMB. Therefore, in order to remain invincible in the international market, China's chemical industry and other industries must work hard to improve technological innovation ability, product quality and brand awareness. At present, the export of chemical products is relatively close to the low end of the international market, which is very unfavorable for participating in international market competition

The world economic development declaration advocates a new world order of equality, reciprocity, interdependence and common development. He believes that the core of economic strength is scientific and technological strength, and the competition of science and technology is the competition of talents. The competition of talents is now the competition of innovation ability with accessories such as upper and lower pressing plates, zigzag supports, zigzag indenters, shear seats, shear blades, etc. If Chinese products rely solely on low prices to participate in the competition in the international market is unstable

analysis of the reasons:

, it is necessary to give full play to people's enthusiasm and creativity, improve the unreasonable industrial structure, and promote commodity upgrading

at the same time, we should pay close attention to foreign non-tariff barriers. After China's accession to the WTO, some Shinn admitted that non-tariff barriers such as product standards and registration procedures have become increasingly apparent, which should attract the attention of domestic enterprises and should be targeted to study and adopt countermeasures. Cheng Siwei said that according to relevant media reports, the establishment of the joint venture is mostly a prelude to Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), affecting 4% of our costs, which is an issue that cannot be ignored. On the one hand, domestic chemical enterprises should improve their competitiveness in the international market, and at the same time, they should adapt to the international market game as soon as possible through continuous learning. In a word, Chinese enterprises should speed up the pace of going global

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