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Guangzhou Children's wall coatings are in line with the national standard, and the pass rate is 100%

Guangzhou Children's wall coatings are in line with the national standard, and the pass rate is 100%

June 4, 2013

[China paint information] recently, the author learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce that it is normal for the Minister of industry and commerce to use pliers for a long time to contact material damage. The results of sampling inspection of children's wall coatings products on sale in Guangzhou in the second quarter of 2013 showed that they were all qualified. However, a batch of children's puffed food was found to be unqualified by the Guangzhou Quality Inspection Bureau, and the carbonyl price of "through train onion potato sticks" was found to exceed the standard. Relevant departments reminded that children should try to eat less foods with unnatural colors and bright colors

it is reported that the products of two major manufacturers of children's wall coatings were sampled for random inspection. According to the national mandatory standards for interior wall coatings, the limit values of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, the sum of tough and breathable toluene, volatile organic compounds, free formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and other harmful substances of the two guaranteed product films were tested, and the qualified rate was 100%

Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce reminded consumers that when purchasing interior wall coatings, they should pay attention to whether the packaging is standardized, whether the label is complete, whether there is a certificate of conformity, factory name and address, trademark identification, production date, shelf life, standard code and instructions for use. In terms of package appearance, the detection data of VOC (volatile organic compounds) can be seen. The smaller the VOC data, the safety of products is relatively guaranteed. At the same time, consumers can preliminarily distinguish the quality of the product from the sensory and hand feeling. The coating with good quality has no pungent smell after opening the can, fine and plump appearance, liquidity, soft color, high viscosity and uniformity. After painting the wall, the coating is flat and smooth

among the sampling results released by the quality inspection department, there are five kinds of children's food, including infant formula food, ice cream, candy and chocolate products, puffed food and jelly, with a total of 111 batches, and three samples of children's interior wall paint

among them, the unqualified batch of "through train onion potato sticks" was produced on April 17 by Guangzhou Laifu Food Co., Ltd. The author visited many supermarkets and convenience stores and found no such puffed food. The unqualified item of this food is the carbonyl price. Carbonyl value is the quality index of fried food, which reflects the oxidation degree of its oil

related to 10. Other inspections: be vigilant and pay close attention to details. The department reminds parents that when purchasing food for children, they should choose goods with intact packages, clear fonts and patterns, and standardized labels, which are marked with clear food names, manufacturer names and addresses, "QS" signs and certificate numbers. In addition, puffed food is a snack. It is best to eat an appropriate amount, and try to eat less foods with unnatural colors and bright colors

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