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Guangxi vigorously promotes the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection

what kind of "spark" will be generated by the collision between interconnection and manufacturing? Recently, the government of Guangxi autonomous region issued the implementation plan for deepening the integration and development of manufacturing and interconnection in Guangxi (Revised), vigorously promoting the cross-border integration of manufacturing and interconnection, and vigorously developing new convergence methods, such as smart factories, industrial e-commerce, fixed kinetic energy and new business forms

The main tasks proposed in the implementation plan include vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing, developing new manufacturing modes, and vigorously developing industrial e-commerce

in terms of intelligent manufacturing, the advantageous industries in our region, such as automobile, metallurgy, machinery, food, chemical industry, nonferrous metals, medicine and so on, should carry out the application demonstration construction of intelligent factories, support the 100 billion yuan industry in Guangxi, and comprehensively promote the construction of intelligent factories (workshops). Promote the implementation of the intelligent project of product equipment and "environmental imitation" in South (3): at present, Nanjing, Liuzhou and Guilin develop high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, intelligent production lines, unmanned aerial vehicles, testing instruments and other intelligent equipment

the development of new manufacturing mode is mainly in the field of consumer goods, focusing on promoting enterprises in automobile, household appliances, furniture, food, clothing, textile and other industries to carry out new modes such as personalized customization, product traceability, industrial layout scheme of social coal chemical industry, marketing, virtual experience, etc., and supporting the development of industrial design, mold development, product customization and other services for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, our district will build cloud platforms for machinery, automobile, steel, medicine, food, building materials and other industries, promote the cross-border integration of manufacturing enterprises and Internet enterprises, and vigorously develop industrial e-commerce. Qualified large and medium-sized enterprises can build their own e-commerce platform and develop industrial e-commerce by referring to the model of Yuchai mall. Machinery, automobile, steel, medicine, food, sugar and other industries or industrial clusters carry out industrial e-commerce with reference to the model of Guangxi sugar and I want accessories mall, and accelerate the development of bulk commodity trading

talents should not be ignored. Our district encourages colleges and universities to set up "Internet + manufacturing" related professional courses to cultivate interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary composite talents. Actively promote the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, actively carry out the pilot of the New Apprenticeship System in enterprises, and cultivate internet professionals in batches. We will actively try to promote the CIO System in large and medium-sized enterprises and expand the team of Internet application talents

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