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Guangyong Futures: the weak fuel market in Shanghai did not change, and fell strongly

[futures price trend]

NYMEX oil prices fell sharply overnight because the bank rescue plan failed to eliminate concerns about the economic outlook. Nymex11 crude oil futures fell $2.56 to $78.63 a barrel. Shanghai fuel fell sharply again on Wednesday. The main 812 contract fell by the limit and opened at the end of the day, closing at 3312, down 154 points

[fundamental constant strain rate]

1. On October 15, the price of fuel oil in Shanghai market remained stable, and the mainstream quotation of domestic blended 180CST warehouse was at yuan/ton, temporarily stable; The mainstream price on shore is yuan/ton, stable. The market sales are not good, and the industry is still bearish

2. On October 14, the spot price of Singapore benchmark Singapore 180CST was $444.32/ton, up $11.91/ton; The spot price of 380cst was $434.39/t, up $11.34/t, and no deal was reached in the spot market. In Singapore paper market, the price of paper goods in November was $438/ton, up $12.45/ton; In December, the price of paper goods was 439.75 dollars/ton, up 13.2 dollars/ton

3. Customs statistics show that in September, China imported 123000 tons of gasoline and 339000 tons of diesel respectively, down 68% and 62% month on month. The shift in refined oil imports and exports stems from the slowdown in domestic market demand and a strong bearish atmosphere

4. The dollar index fell 0 on Tuesday, the third feature in fact 202. Open high and go low on Wednesday

5. The Kuwait Petroleum Union called on "all workers in all industries" to strike at the state-owned refinery KNPC on Sunday

[technical aspect]

Shanghai fuel oil is in the downward channel, and the fu812 contract is under pressure on the 5-day moving average

[operation suggestions]

domestic fuel demand is weak. The global market rescue has stimulated the rebound of stock and commodity markets, but it is difficult to eliminate worries about the economic outlook. Shanghai fuel is still weak, and empty orders continue to hold

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