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Guangzhou black paint replaces asphalt coating bridge deck to pay a high price

Guangzhou black paint replaces asphalt coating bridge deck to pay a high price

September 3, 2012

[China paint information] according to the "how to correctly use the metal pendulum impact tester morning post today", in view of the recent paint falling off phenomenon of many "black paint" viaducts and overpasses in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Commission recently announced that in 2010, Guangzhou spent 49.2 million yuan to paint 16 bridge pavements with black paint instead of asphalt, which failed

Guangzhou's practice of replacing asphalt coated pavement with black paint based on foreign experience not only caused huge losses to public property, but also reduced the credibility of the government to a certain extent. In this regard, the Guangzhou municipal government corrected the mistakes in time and made a deep reflection on the wrong measures


Guangzhou black paint road is repaired and repaired year after year, or the paint road falls out

Guangzhou "black paint" bridge deck will be subject to monthly physical examination and tracking inspection for skid resistance

Guangzhou City tour found that "black paint road" is "repaired" before paint falls out

Guangzhou repair and repair is difficult to eliminate the hidden danger of "black paint road"

experts say that qualified black paint does not slip "black paint road" may not be suitable for Guangzhou

16 bridges in Guangzhou to use "black paint road" The driver who overturned said he couldn't stop

first, be careful not to "imitate others" when learning from foreign experience. Taking black paint instead of asphalt as an example, when considering using black paint instead of asphalt to coat the solar photovoltaic and energy storage medium mounted pavement in the field of energy, we should not only think of the advantages of black paint (a super strong cement polymer) coating the pavement and ignore its risks; Only know its basic texture and performance, but have common sense in high gloss, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and assembly process design, and do not know its use and maintenance skills and methods. If the inspection at that time could pay more attention to the understanding of whether it fell off, skidded and other negative effects, there would be no embarrassing call to stop today. At present, the blind introduction of such "imitation" is not an example

second, we should make steady progress in carrying out innovation experiments. According to the official explanation, the decision to replace asphalt with black paint is made after integrating many factors, such as the bearing capacity of the bridge, traffic diversion requirements, the scope of application of new materials, reconstruction costs and effects, and it is said that the Timken OK load at this level is determined. But after all, they know little about the characteristics and use of black paint. The experiment inevitably fails. However, when adopting new materials and transplanting new methods, there must always be a process of pilot, perception of characteristics, and gradual promotion. It cannot be rolled out on 16 viaducts at one time. As Shan Chenglin, a bridge expert and associate professor of the school of civil engineering and transportation at South China University of technology, pointed out, "the use of new materials should not be completely resisted, but their risks should be taken into account when using new materials. Comprehensive consideration should be given to economic factors and other aspects. Before using a new material on a large scale, a small section of Bridge Road should be tested."

from this point of view, if you act against the law, you will be punished by the law. The damaged road surface can be repaired, and the thinking of eager for quick success and instant benefit needs to be rectified

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