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Analysis of the reasons for the damage of plastic woven bags lined with film bags (Part 1)

the practice of commodity inspection shows that one of the main quality problems of plastic woven bags for export is that the bottom sealing strength of the lined film bags (polyethylene PE film bags are widely used) is low, the impact resistance is poor, and it is easy to crack in the process of loading, unloading and transportation, resulting in the leakage of contents or failure due to dampness

then, what are the main reasons that affect the sealing strength of lined film bags? Because plastic woven bags lined with film bags are usually produced with hot-melt film, it has good heat sealing performance. Therefore, in actual production, heating sealing is often used to complete the production and processing of film bags, also known as heat sealing process. Its heat sealing quality mainly has the following two requirements:

1 The heat sealing strength shall be greater than or equal to the strength of the film itself

2. Before and after heat sealing, the thickness of the material (film) should meet the following relationship:

t '= (2 × t) × 0.9 (mm)

in the formula, t '- the thickness of the sealing position after heat sealing (mm)

T - the thickness of the single-layer material before heat sealing (mm)

as can be seen from the above formula, the thickness after heat sealing should be less than the sum of the thickness of the two layers of material before heat sealing. If the actual thickness after heat sealing is greater than t ', it indicates that the pressure applied during heat sealing is insufficient. In this way, the sealing strength will be insufficient, which will affect the sealing strength of the film bag. In the actual production process, if the above situation occurs, the heat sealing pressure should be adjusted immediately

to sum up, there are five main factors affecting the quality of plastic film heat sealing:

first, the heat sealing material itself. Including the density, thickness and melt index of plastic film. For the same material, the lower its density, the better its heat sealing performance. When the plastic is heated to a certain temperature, under a certain pressure, the melt index increases, the fluidity of the material increases, and the heat sealing property decreases. In addition, the thicker the heat sealing material is, the longer the time it takes for heat to transfer from the outer surface to the sealing interface, and the more difficult the heat sealing is

secondly, mechanical equipment. The sealing quality of the film will be different with different heat sealing mechanism equipment or devices

third, plastic additives. In the process of plastic production, in order to facilitate plastic modification, some additives are often added, such as plasticizers, fillers, colorants and stabilizers, which have a certain impact on the quality of heat sealing

fourth, surface treatment of materials. In order to improve the printing quality, the film surface is often treated (such as corona treatment). At the same time, in order to improve the opening of the bag, it is also necessary to add a smoothing agent. This is very unfavorable for heat sealing, which is an ideal material for drug delivery carrier and tissue regeneration scaffold (low strength). On the contrary, corona treatment is helpful for heat sealing. Of course, the influence of these factors is mainly for the use of plastic film in the production of sales packaging

fifth, the influence of traction. In the process of processing plastic particles into films, the deformation caused by traction is different in longitudinal and transverse directions. Among them, the longitudinal deformation is large. In addition, in the process of heat sealing, the longitudinal and transverse shrinkage deformation are also different, among which the longitudinal shrinkage deformation is larger. All these factors will affect the smoothness and fastness of the sealing surface quality of plastic film bags to varying degrees

therefore, how to improve and improve the quality of plastic woven bags lined with film bags should be analyzed and studied from the above aspects according to the actual production situation of various enterprises, and finally find out the main factors affecting the heat sealing quality, improve its production process and improve the product quality. In addition, it should be pointed out that when evaluating the quality of plastic woven bags lined with film bags (impact resistance, sealing strength, etc.), it is very important to adopt the correct binding (sealing) method and select test substitutes with similar physical properties to the goods to be packed

the plastic braiding Cooperation Center held a symposium on the export of woven fabrics and bags

the plastic braiding industry cooperation center of the plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Association held a symposium on the export of woven fabrics and bags for some member units in Beijing on June 25, 2004. The participants included Tianji Group Plastic Co., Ltd., Hebei Tangshan DUNSHI petrochemical building materials group, Shandong rongbaiyi Plastic Co., Ltd., Jilin Yatai Sanchuan Plastic Co., Ltd Guangxi Liuzhou Tianyi plastic products Co., Ltd., Sichuan Qinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. Shehong branch and other six enterprises. The participating units attached great importance to the meeting. The general managers and factory directors of the member units personally attended the symposium. The main topic of the meeting was: "what role should knitting cooperation, including force measurement accuracy center, play in product export business". The general managers and factory directors attending the meeting had a heated discussion and reached a consensus in principle that China's market economy will continue to improve after its accession to the WTO, All operations should comply with the rules of the game of the international market. The role of industry associations is growing. Our export business should be led by the association, coordinate and organize enterprises to form an industrial combat fleet, and unify the outside world. Only in this way can our export business be bigger, better and more stable, and effectively safeguard the interests of enterprises

at present, the knitting industry cooperation center has begun to try to carry out work according to the intention of the symposium, coordinating and organizing the above-mentioned enterprises to negotiate export trade with foreign businessmen in Britain and Israel on behalf of the center. The work is progressing smoothly. Small samples of the enterprise's products have been provided to importers. Foreign businessmen are satisfied with the small samples provided and require further large-scale samples for bagging and testing. The work of the "center" is deepening step by step

the general manager and factory director at the meeting agreed that the "industry cooperation center" is doing a practical thing for the enterprise. If it can succeed, its significance is far-reaching, and it is required that the "industry cooperation center" should strengthen its work in this regard

Sichuan Yibin Tianyuan company constantly improves the quality of woven bags

Yibin Tianyuan company is a production enterprise engaged in chemical raw materials. It only produces 20 tons of PVC resin per year and requires a large number of woven bag packaging. The company attaches importance to continuously improving the quality of woven bags and believes that improving product packaging is an important link to realize the brand strategy of products. The product brand belongs not only to enterprises, but also to consumers, Providing consumers with high-quality products with reasonable prices from the inside to the outside is the best service for consumers. Last year, Tian Yuan packaging company selected the best packaging equipment in China to update, and carried out brand-new training on theory and technology for personnel. In the past, operators only needed to be able to operate the machine, but now they should not only know how to operate the machine, but also be able to maintain and repair, so as to keep the packaging equipment in the best working condition and not affect the packaging quality. This year, we will invest more than 30 million yuan to build new plants and purchase new equipment for packaging companies

the chemical products of Tian Yuan are mainly packed in plastic woven bags. For plastic packaging raw materials, the company chooses the best large petrochemical company to cooperate. Although the price of such raw materials is about 200 yuan more than that of poor quality raw materials, the quality is stable and can ensure the quality of product packaging. The price difference of purchasing raw materials is still digested by companies through "fine" management. For example, the manufacturers of sbv-500-4v circular looms purchased by the company can't guarantee that the rate of genuine products can reach 99%, but through the company's technological innovation, it has been close to 99%, and the production cost has been reduced. The national standard for the weight of each plastic woven bag is plus 5g and minus 3G. The standard of Tian Yuan company has reached plus or minus 2G, and the production cost has been reduced. By introducing 5jms-2100 × 30-1100 × 8. The wire drawing unit improves the wire drawing process and the width of the wire, so that the plastic woven bag is more stiff and looks better when it is packed into the product. Therefore, the investment in packaging software and hardware is updated, which not only improves the efficiency, but also reduces the product packaging cost

in the past, the plastic woven bag packaging of Tianyuan products was two in one and double-layer. The inner bag was plastic bag moisture-proof, and the outer bag was PP woven bag, which was also coated with a layer of PPE film, which could also prevent rain, and also made the packaging bag more stiff, shiny and beautiful. Recently, the packaging materials we choose are of high quality, and the damage consumption in handling is also very small. Now the paper plastic composite drum weaving bag unit that is being purchased produces plastic bags, plastic woven bags and kraft paper three in one packaging bags. This appearance is the packaging of kraft paper bonded with paper and plastic. The strength is increased, the leakage and breakage rate are greatly reduced, the three-dimensional texture of the packaging is also stronger, the printing is clearer, and the load of the tested packaging bags is continuously increasing from scratch. The appearance can better reflect the quality of the inner packaging products

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