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Guangxi uses "Internet +" to build 1500 automatic monitoring systems for pollution sources

in recent years, the environmental protection department of Guangxi autonomous region has repeatedly studied matters related to the construction of mobile law enforcement system, actively raised funds of about 25million yuan for system construction, and promoted the construction of mobile law enforcement system as a key work. By the end of 2015, a mobile environmental monitoring and law enforcement system covering autonomous regions, cities and counties was completed and put into use; In November 2016, the system took the lead in docking with the law enforcement and supervision platform of the Ministry of environmental protection. The transportation of mineral products to the domestic market will also be affected by logistics conditions and other factors, and the data related to environmental supervision and environmental law enforcement will be uploaded in real time and stably. At present, 223 sets of mobile law enforcement boxes are equipped for environmental supervision institutions at or above the county level in the region, with an average of 2-3 sets for environmental supervision institutions at all levels; Equipped with 1239 PDA portable handheld mobile intelligent law enforcement terminals, and one for environmental supervisors

in the middle of the night of September 2016, after the environmental supervision personnel used satellite positioning, UAV high-altitude investigation, mobile law enforcement system and other technical means to investigate and lock the evidence of an illegal lead smelting dens, after more than a month of investigation, the environmental protection department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Public Security Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region launched an operation to carry out surprise law enforcement on the dens, controlled about 30 relevant personnel involved on the spot, and seized about 170 tons of finished lead ingots, Hazardous wastes such as waste lead-acid batteries, waste residues and other production raw materials are piled up in three large workshops. The discovery of the case was officially attributed to Guangxi's use of science and technology to build a sharp tool for environmental law enforcement, and the establishment of the country's leading environmental monitoring mobile law enforcement and automatic pollution source monitoring systems

from the current situation, there are many problems in environmental law enforcement in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, such as more enterprises, less manpower and insufficient vehicles. Guangxi has a land area of 236700 square kilometers. The annexation and integration of the world's medical device industry has been going on. There are more than 24000 sewage discharge enterprises, large and small, and the number of law enforcement teams in the region is only more than 1300, with more than 900 actually on the job. The task of law enforcement is complex. This requires the relevant environmental supervision departments to solve the problems of environmental law enforcement with information construction, build an information platform of "one body and two wings" for cloud computing big data center, mobile law enforcement system and automatic pollution source monitoring system, and promote the transformation of environmental supervision from extensive to fine, from passive response to active prevention, and from empirical judgment to scientific decision-making

at the same time, in terms of technical framework, Guangxi autonomous region adopts the construction method of "one-level deployment and three-level use", and the background server is uniformly set up in the environmental protection department of Guangxi autonomous region. 2. There is a deviation in the heavy alligator at both ends of the driven needle: adjust the information center machine room of the weight hall at both ends, and the municipal and county-level environmental protection departments will no longer set up servers repeatedly, which saves a lot of construction funds and reduces the generation of information islands. The system software is uniformly developed by the environmental protection department of the autonomous region for the use of law enforcement personnel at the autonomous region, city and county levels. Each city and county has an independent background system for statistics, query and management, while reserving a data interface to meet personalized needs. At present, the system has recorded a total of 26200 pollution sources and 3300 construction projects. The objects that need to be included in the environmental law enforcement supervision of the whole autonomous region have been basically incorporated into the environmental monitoring mobile law enforcement system

in addition, since 2008, Guangxi has successively built an automatic pollution source monitoring system with 15 monitoring centers at the autonomous region and municipal levels and more than 1500 monitoring points, covering enterprises in heavy pollution industries such as sugar making, alcohol, starch, paper making, cement, chemical industry, thermal power, urban sewage treatment plants, garbage landfills, etc., realizing the first monitoring transformation of pollution source monitoring from hard-working to on-site to easily clicking the mouse. Recently, Guangxi environmental protection department has used the concept and technology of "interconnection +" to create a new pattern of "one platform, one set of software, one set of data and one linkage" for automatic monitoring of pollution sources

"one platform" multi-level sharing. Guangxi has invested more than 10 million yuan of special financial funds to upgrade the hardware of the automatic monitoring system of pollution sources, and introduced cloud computing and other technologies to integrate the hardware resources of the original monitoring center of an autonomous region and 14 municipal monitoring centers into a basic platform, forming an "one platform, hierarchical sharing" environmental protection Cloud Architecture, which can realize multi-level and multi department landing platform for supervision, and meet the needs of vertical management of supervision and law enforcement. At the same time, in view of the lack of effective daily supervision of non state-controlled enterprises, Guangxi not only requires the monitoring of more than 500 monitoring points of more than 300 state-controlled enterprises, but also requires the installation and connection of automatic monitoring equipment for more than 900 monitoring points of more than 400 non state-controlled enterprises, so as to realize the full coverage of automatic monitoring of key pollutant discharge units

"one set of software" integrates resources. In 2016, Guangxi independently developed a new version of the automatic monitoring software system for pollution sources. The new system intelligently analyzes the excessive and abnormal data, automatically assigns processing tasks to the territorial environmental protection supervisors and enterprise environmental protection principals, and the law enforcement personnel use mobile law enforcement equipment to conduct on-site verification, and automatically start the filing and investigation procedures for suspected environmental violations, so as to realize the flat management of automatic monitoring

unified supervision of "a group of data". Revise the measures for the management of socialized operation funds, change the allocation object of subsidy funds for automatic pollution source monitoring facilities to a third-party socialized operation unit, and link the verification of operation and maintenance funds with the quality of operation and maintenance to improve the efficiency of fund use. Statistics show that the effective rate of data transmission in Guangxi reached 98.78% from January to August 2016

"integrated linkage" severely punishes violations. Guangxi arranges 10million yuan to introduce the flight sampling mechanism, conduct sampling, comparison and monitoring of the connected automatic monitoring facilities in the whole region every quarter, conduct on-site inspection of enterprises that fail to pass the main specifications of the technical parameters of the monitoring protective cover [universal material testing machine], and implement measures such as ordering rectification within a time limit. The operation units suspected of fraud shall be severely punished and included in the blacklist. Before the blacklist is lifted, they shall not engage in operation and maintenance operations within the jurisdiction of Guangxi. Today, the data transmission efficiency of the monitoring system is stable at more than 98%

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