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Guangyong Futures: crude oil hit a new low, and Shanghai Jiaotong fell by the limit

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due to the weak trend of oil prices, Japanese Jiaotong fell sharply on Thursday. The April contract closed at 141.6 yen/kg, down 15.9 yen. Shanghai Jiaotong fell by the limit across the board. The main 903 contract closed at 12660 yuan/ton, down 530 yuan


1. On November 20, China rubber, SCR5 (R)/5# latex did not have a deal; Cnr/concentrated milk, but considering the comprehensive cost in the whole life cycle, there is no deal

2. On November 20, the spot rubber price in Asia fell following the TOCOM futures market on Thursday. Traders said that the market turnover was very low because participants were uneasy about the fluctuations in rubber prices. The current financial crisis and the weak trend of the surrounding commodity markets dominate the trend of rubber prices

3. The news that large American automobile manufacturing companies are on the verge of bankruptcy recently, the American automobile industry is undergoing a test of life and death, casting a greater shadow on the demand for rubber

4. Under the pressure of weak demand and increased inventory, overnight, whether the crude oil was nonlinear and at what level did it continue the downward trend, reaching a new low. Nymex1 closed at $53.62/barrel in February, down $0.77, with an intraday low of $52.73/barrel

5. The US dollar index consolidated at a high level and closed at 87.7, bringing a chill wind to commodities

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the global economy has slowed down significantly, the weak demand for natural rubber cannot be changed for a long time, and the medium and long term is still bearish. The current round of adjustment of crude oil hit a new low, making the domestic economic stimulus plan and the positive effect of production reduction in rubber producing countries "flash in the pan". Recently, large American automobile manufacturing companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, which may also affect the final test results, making Tianjiao even worse. At present, Shanghai Jiao is still bearish

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