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Guangyong Futures: even plastic opened higher and increased its position in large quantities

affected by the recent good construction of the northern agricultural film factory and the rise in crude oil, LLDPE of the major commercial exchange continued to soar on Monday, breaking the contract record. The main contract l0805 opened higher and increased its positions in large quantities. The early session price fell slightly behind. Driven by the bulls, it fluctuated higher until the close. The contract opened at 14605, with a maximum price of 14845, a minimum price of 14460 and a closing price of 14835, up 235 points from the previous trading day. The turnover and positions increased significantly. Today, 28902 transactions and 14340 positions were traded, an increase of 2094. From the perspective of technical graphics, the early session price once fell below the support of the 5-day moving average, but it quickly and steadily rose under the action of bulls. The moving average system showed an upward divergent long arrangement, the MACD red line column lengthened, and the opening of the brin channel continued to enlarge

as the withdrawal of Turkish troops from northern Iraq eased geopolitical tensions, NYMEX crude oil futures fell on Monday, but the sharp decline in the dollar caused by U.S. recession concerns continued to support the market, while the market expected the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to maintain production unchanged. The sharp rise in the ex factory price of Sinopec Shanghai LLDPE boosted today's PE market. The market atmosphere was active, and the quotation rose accordingly

in terms of spot goods, there is a strong speculation atmosphere in North China LLDPE market today, with the linear price rising by 100 yuan/ton, and the traders' mentality is good; Today, Sinopec Shanghai linearly increased the PE market in East China by 150 yuan/ton, and the market was closed. There were still gaps or weak links in many instrument and equipment products in China, so the traders' mentality was good; Today, the linear quotation of South China LLDPE market rose slightly, the shipment situation was poor, and the traders' mentality was general. Due to the recent good operation of the northern agricultural film plant, Sinopec has raised the LLDPE price one after another, and the current low inventory of major dealers, so it took advantage of the situation to raise the quotation. In addition, the plastic market is gradually concerned by funds, and good news is frequent. It is expected that the market will continue to rise in the future, and more orders can continue to be held

note: this reprint notes that the National Natural Science Foundation has invested 18million dollars. The distinction between the U.S. Air Force simple plastic simple beam impact tester and cantilever beam impact tester mainly includes the following aspects: the scientific research office has invested 10million dollars to carry out basic research on graphene and related 2D materials. Li Wei, founding partner of Shenzhen Songhe Capital Management Co., Ltd., said that the source is clear, and the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, It does not mean that they agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their content

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