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Guangxi Yuchai won the international market with high-quality products and excellent services

Guangxi Yuchai won the international market with high-quality products and excellent services

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the brilliance of the Winter Olympics in Sochi is impressive, and the same brilliance is the gas engine made by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuchai) as the logistics transport vehicle, bus The "heart" of the bus is the power source. The excellent quality level and first-class maintenance service of "yuchaixin" have won the recognition of the Russian market

before the detailed introduction of the manufacturer's spring testing machine in 2011, these are unimaginable. At the beginning of 2012, when Russian customers threw "olive branches" at Yuchai again, their supporting projects were restarted. At the end of 2012, through the supporting development of Yuchai technicians, Yuchai gas engine was tested in Russia

shopping malls are like battlefields, and it is conceivable that opportunities are precious. On the international stage, how did the brand of Yuchai machine stand up when it competed with the stress relaxation coefficient brand after 10h of anchor bolt detection of DaiPin

we need to stand firm when we go global.

Russia is rich in natural gas reserves and cheap. At present, the Russian government requires the country's diesel engines to be switched to gas engines, which is a good opportunity for Yuchai

according to Wang Cheng, deputy general manager of Yuchai overseas business department, Yuchai power for trucks and buses has long entered the Russian market, and the matching of agricultural machinery power is also under discussion

why do Russian customers love Yuchai's engine? In addition to the insufficient technical reserves of Russian natural gas engines and the impact of relations with Europe, the high cost performance of Yuchai engines is probably the key factor to attract Russian users. "Our service is efficient, the quality and price of accessories are high, and the maintenance cost is low." Said wangzhenjin, director of Yuchai Russia office. At present, Yuchai has established 9 agents in Russia

if you can get in, you need to stand firmly. Yuchai has made sufficient preparations to further cultivate the regional market of Russia. Wang Cheng said, "you should be very patient in doing business with Russians." For example, in the export of agricultural machinery, they usually contact our office first, and then send a quality system certification officer to inspect the quality control and production capacity of Yuchai, and then enter the technical negotiation and business negotiation. After the business negotiation, they will buy the engine, and then do a lot of tests when they buy it back. "Although the process is long, it is reassuring."

sold products. Yuchai also needs to strengthen the tracking and guidance of users' supporting development. This year, Yuchai Russia office asked the application development department to appoint a person to be responsible for the supporting development of products in the Russian market, so as to ensure that the engine will not have problems in the layout of the whole vehicle after sales

"based on serving the main engine factory, at the same time, strengthen the development of independent market." Wang Zhenjin has clear ideas for future market development. Understanding users' needs and habits and providing targeted services may be the secret of Yuchai's continuous progress in market development

if you do well, you should be loud.

marine electrical products are an important part of Yuchai. Marine electric products are different from automotive products. They are mainly made in the agent mode, and self operated exports are dominant

Tang Zuoxing, general manager of Yuchai marine power business department, has a small office. As soon as you enter the door, you can see three pictures posted on the wall, one is the world map, and the other two are the sales trend of marine electric power products and the sales trend of marine electric power products

the world map may embody his desire for Yuchai ship's electric products to go global. The sales trend chart and sales trend chart clearly reflect the trend of the market performance of Yuchai ship's electrical products. For Tang Zuoxing, they are not so much a reminder as a spur. These two trend charts constantly remind the helmsman of the ship's electrical business department to have a clear course, clear goals, and no slack

it is reported that in terms of the current export situation, more than 90% of Yuchai's marine power products are self-supporting exports, but 70% of the power generation units are still supporting exports

the Southeast Asian market is the headquarters of Yuchai's overseas market and an important export market of Yuchai's ship electrical products. The completion of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area has enabled Yuchai to enjoy a series of preferential policies and further expanded the engine ownership of Yuchai in ASEAN countries. In the future, ASEAN will become a springboard for Yuchai to move towards a broader world. However, due to the high recognition of Japanese products in Southeast Asia, it is difficult for Yuchai ship electric power products to enter the market

"the service response is faster, the problem is handled more carefully, the customer is more patient and more concerned, and the accessories are more complete than the competitors. At the same time, let users know Yuchai, understand Yuchai, and publicize Yuchai through service, so as to realize the cultivation of Yuchai's overseas market." Tang Haidong, director of Yuchai Vietnam office, directly established credit services to build Yuchai brand

many Chinese manufacturing enterprises do not pay attention to repeat customers in the process of "going out". "The core of overseas market is to do a good job in service. We don't simply do business, do a single order, and make some money. From Yuchai's experience in overseas market, we must do a good job in service and accessories first; when the network is paved, development is inevitable, but it's just a matter of speed." Tang Zuoxing highlighted the importance of service for Yuchai to become a brand in overseas markets

at present, Yuchai engine has more than 60000 units in Vietnam market, and its products cover trucks, passenger cars, construction machinery, ships, power generation, agricultural machinery and other fields. Viet so now has more than 50 Yuchai engines, and all its newly purchased models are designated to be equipped with Yuchai machines. Vietnam's famous scenic spot, Ha Long Bay tourist ship, was successfully equipped with Yuchai ship engine in 2013, realizing that Chinese products broke the monopoly of international brands. Now Yuchai engine has become the standard power of local tourist ships

in recent years, Yuchai's overseas sales have been expanding at a rate of 20%. In 2014, Yuchai set a target of 35000 engines for overseas sales. Up to now, overseas sales have maintained a growth of 20% compared with the same period last year, and the growth momentum is still strong

product export is an important indicator to consider the internationalization of Yuchai. Last year, the export volume of more than 32000 engines accounted for only 6% of the total sales volume of Yuchai shares, which clearly shows that the overseas market construction of Yuchai is still in the foundation stage, which is not a high-speed development

"one day, the export volume accounts for 30% of the total sales, and the growth rate of the overseas market reaches 30%. Yuchai will be truly internationalized." This is Wang Cheng's vision for overseas markets, and it is also the dream that Yuchai people have diligently pursued

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