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Guangxi will build a national pulp and paper base

according to the autonomous region government, Guangxi will spare no effort to promote the integration of Coastal Forest Pulp and paper, and build Guangxi into an important pulp and paper base in the country. And will not approve the construction of afforestation projects and wood processing projects that do not conform to the development planning and layout of the autonomous region in the future

it is understood that Guangxi is one of the most superior provinces and regions in the country to develop the Forest Pulp and paper industry. The development of industries integrating forestry, pulp and paper can promote the industrialization process of our region and enhance the economic strength of Guangxi. Therefore, the autonomous region government decided to use foreign capital to build a large-scale forest pulp and paper integration project in Qinzhou and Beihai, the coastal areas, and build a forest base for Forest Pulp and paper raw materials in the coastal areas accordingly. Our district will take the raw material forest base as the "first workshop" for the integration of forest, pulp and paper, and build a standardized, large-scale and intensive raw material forest base in the coastal and surrounding areas to meet the needs of the development of coastal pulp and paper industry; Taking the pulp and paper factories in coastal areas as the leader, we will develop forest resources. According to the pulping scale of large pulp and paper factories in coastal areas proposed by the owners of the two projects of Forest Pulp and paper integration, we will build a supporting raw material forest base of 14million mu, of which the rotation of the encoder in Qinzhou project is equivalent to the displacement of the screw driving pressure plate (or beam) which is equivalent to the displacement of the screw pitch of 9million mu, and the Beihai project is 5million mu

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