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Guangyong Futures: even plastics followed the pace of crude oil and continued to decline

on Thursday, LLDPE of major commercial exchanges followed the pace of crude oil and continued to weaken. The main contract l0805 opened slightly lower. Driven by the buying, the futures price rose slightly. In the afternoon, under the strong counterattack of short positions, the futures price fell sharply and rebounded slightly in the late afternoon. The contract opened at 13970 today, with a maximum price of 14095, a minimum price of 13860 and a closing price of 13920, down 135 points from the previous trading day, with 12158 transactions and 6458 positions, a decrease of 712, aiming at the agricultural film market. It can be seen from the K-line chart that the futures price fell below the 5-day and 10 day average, the KDJ index maintained the original trend, the opening of the brin channel remained unchanged, and the futures price operated near the medium rail line

concerns about the economic downturn pressured the market. While the U.S. crude oil inventory increased higher than expected, demand fell, and European and American crude oil futures fell below $90 a barrel. On Wednesday, due to tight supply, ethylene prices in Asia rose slightly by $7.50/mt. The ex factory price of domestic LLDPE manufacturers was unchanged from yesterday. In terms of spot goods, the crude oil price in North China PE market fell sharply today, the linear quotation continued to fall, and the 22 day trading mentality was general; The linear quotation in East China PE market is stable, there are not many transactions, and the traders' mentality is general; Crude oil in South China LLDPE market fell sharply in the morning, the market atmosphere was not active enough, and the quotation weakened

U.S. cities and counties that have lost crude oil and spot prices are trying to avoid the support of late protection costs. Even plastic has been negative for three times. It is expected that the future market will be supported by 13700, sideways consolidation, and empty orders can continue to be held

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