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Entering the field of universal instruments, FLIR's new product series is the first of its kind in China. As a global leader in thermal imaging technology, FLIR systems, following the launch of a new generation of testing and measuring equipment this year, has brought, to be precise, improved digital multimeter, two digital clamp on meters, non-contact test pens The new product series of multifunctional Thermohygrometer and industrial video endoscope made its debut at the 25th China International measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition held in Beijing on September 23. This is the first time that FLIR systems, which focuses on thermal imaging technology, has introduced instruments and equipment other than infrared thermal imagers. The new test and measurement equipment launched by FLIR this time has been designed from scratch to have world-class functions to meet the actual needs of customers, including advanced diagnosis, efficiency improvement and connectivity improvement, maintaining the high-quality, accurate, reliable and durable product standards that FLIR adheres to

the new test and measurement product series includes three new electrical instruments, namely FLIR dm93, FLIR cm83 and FLIR cm78. These three products are equipped with large and clear LCD screens, high brightness double LED lights that illuminate the dim working area, and are connected to Android? Running the latest FLIR tools mobile application? And the Bluetooth function of Apple mobile devices, and it can also be connected with the FLIR thermal imager with meterlink function, so that users can embed electrical readings in the thermal image. In addition, the newly launched products also include FLIR vp52 non-contact test pencil, FLIR mr77 hygrometer and FLIR Vs70 industrial video endoscope. The new FLIR dm93 is a rugged digital multimeter with advanced frequency conversion filtering and shielding functions, which helps professionals accurately analyze abnormal sine wave shapes and noise signals in frequency conversion control equipment. It also includes low impedance input mode and continuous data recording function. The low impedance input mode can eliminate false voltage readings in long-term operation occasions, and the continuous data recording function can detect accidental faults

flir cm83 Industrial Digital Clamp Meter - simplified power and frequency conversion filter analysis

the new FLIR cm83 is an industrial digital clamp meter with power analysis and advanced frequency conversion filter functions, which can accurately test three-phase systems and frequency conversion control equipment. It can also find the harmonic mode of noise from various electrical circuits, determine the phase rotation function of power balance, and detect the surge current with sharp current pulse when the equipment is started

The new FLIR cm78 is a 1000A digital clip on meter, which integrates a true RMS digital multimeter and a non-contact clip on meter, as well as an infrared thermometer with a laser spot and a K-type thermocouple. This new clip on meter is suitable for high-power equipment and can safely, quickly and accurately read AC/DC readings up to 1000A or 1000V

flir vp52 - non contact test pencil with lighting

flir vp52 is a compact non-contact test pencil that conforms to cat IV and other requirements while holding down the setting key. The tool is equipped with high brightness LED lights that provide illumination for dim areas, and dual LED convenience lights located at the tip of the probe. It supports vibration feedback and color LED alarm, which can be used for detection in noisy environments, and high/low sensitivity is suitable for industrial equipment and low-voltage systems

flir mr77 multifunctional thermometer and hygrometer - rugged and fast response

the new FLIR mr77 is a rugged thermometer and hygrometer, including a probe free sensor and a wired probe detector, which can obtain the moisture content of 0.75 below the surface of various building materials, built-in with an infrared point thermometer with a laser indicator, a field replaceable temperature/humidity sensor, and Bluetooth function connected to Android devices, It is compatible with FLIR infrared thermal imager with meterlink function

flir Vs70 new high-definition industrial video endoscope - easy to explore the extremely closed working environment

the new FLIR Vs70 is a rugged, waterproof and earthquake resistant industrial video endoscope, equipped with intuitive manual control device, which is convenient for users to extend the narrow thermal imager probe into the closed space, and then transmit bright and clear videos and images to the 5.7 inch color LCD. FLIR Vs70 has a wide-angle 180 and standard 90 camera perspective, an SD card that can store video, image and audio files, a battery that works continuously for 6 to 8 hours, a USB port that is convenient for battery charging, and a headset that performs voice annotation during detection to interpret the detection results. Advanced detection solutions, extended cameras and random accessories are convenient to solve various detection needs

flir Vs70 is designed as a remote detection device, which can be used to peep into confined spaces, record and play real-time videos and images. The main application fields include HVAC testing, cable wiring and automobile, ship and aircraft testing. The monitor is flexible in design and can be controlled by left/right hands with complete accessories

flir launched a new test and measurement product, which subverts the traditional definition of electrical diagnosis. After 50 years of development, FLIR has always been the world's largest supplier of thermal imaging technology for military, government and commercial customers. According to the △ vs value of plastics, the new products that expand the product field and enter the field of universal instruments also always abide by the commitment of innovation, high quality and reliability

about thermal imaging

thermal imaging is the use of an imager composed of special sensors to "see" the energy released by objects. Because the wavelength of thermal energy or infrared light is too long to detect, it cannot be seen by human eyes. What we perceive as heat energy is actually part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared rays can help us see objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The thermal imager generates images formed by invisible infrared or "thermal" radiation. According to the temperature difference between different objects, thermal imaging technology can generate clear images. It is an excellent tool for predictive maintenance, building inspection, research and development, and automation applications. Thermal imaging can see the observed objects in a completely dark environment, at night, through fog, smoke and from a long distance. The technology can also be used in security, maritime, automation, fire protection and many other applications

about FLIR systems

FLIR systems is a world leading company that designs and manufactures thermal imagers for a wide range of applications. With more than 50 years of industry experience, the company has produced thousands of thermal imagers for predictive maintenance, building inspection, R & D, security, maritime, automation and other night vision applications around the world. FLIR systems has eight manufacturing plants located in the United States (Portland, Boston, SantaBarbara and pozman), Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn, Estonia, and near Paris, France. Its offices are located in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Hong Kong (China), India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company has more than 3000 infrared experts, who provide local sales and support functions through international distributor networks to serve the global market

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