Flint announced that the price of commercial ink r

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Flint announced that the price of commercial ink rose on January 1

flint ink North America recently announced that the price of commercial ink products will rise by 6% from January 1, 2005. The rise in price is mainly used to cope with the rising prices of raw materials, transportation and energy, and to supplement the rise in the comprehensive cost of printing ink production

Flint ink company believes that with the formation of the global market, the burden of the supply chain has increased, resulting in the shortage of some raw materials. 2) although the company has balanced the global purchasing capacity, adopted the vertical unified management and production efficiency improvement plan, and tried not to take measures to increase the price in a short period of time, due to the extreme rise in the price of raw materials, the rise in the price of ink is inevitable

minimizing weight is a permanent theme. Although the supply of some raw materials is rationed, Flint ink company has still established a safe supply chain, So in "In any case, there will be no broken supply chain. However, as special chemical raw materials are traded at a higher cost, the prospect cannot be ignored.

the spiraling energy and oil prices, coupled with limited chemical processing capacity and rising global demand, have led to a sharp rise in the price of printing inks.

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