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"Gypsum door" warns paint enterprises to avoid protection traps

"gypsum door" warns paint enterprises to avoid protection traps

June 7, 2010

[China paint information] recently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) More than 3000 complaints have been received from 30 states and the District of Columbia. It is said that some families have symptoms such as peculiar smell in the house, nosebleed and headache due to the use of gypsum boards made in China. With claims for health and other projects, some American lawyers sensitively captured the business opportunities brought by this "made in China", posted posters to hold a massive "10000 people's Congress" and launched a class action lawsuit. The American media calculated this figure as "1.1 billion dollars". This time, not only did Taishan gypsum, a subsidiary of Beixin building materials, provoke litigation, but Chinese gypsum enterprises may be sued by relevant parties in the United States on a large scale, facing the risk of being sued and the cobalt price will reach a record high this year

according to media analysis, Chinese gypsum enterprises are sued in the United States, which may pay for U.S. House prices. First of all, several states in the southeast of the United States, where the litigation is concentrated, are also the places where the U.S. real estate market has declined the most. The prices of real estate projects built after the hurricane have fallen by more than half since the peak. If homeowners benefit from the "problem gypsum board", they can make up for house price losses or avoid real estate mortgage loans. At the same time, wisdom also noticed that the test report released by CPSC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in May 2009 showed that the current indoor air experiments in the United States did not find excessive sulfur-containing gases, but excessive formaldehyde, while gypsum boards did not contain formaldehyde. In November of the same year, CPSC's test report again showed that the content of hazardous substances in "problematic Chinese gypsum board" did not exceed the American gypsum board product standards and specifications, plus excellent after-sales and quality assurance services. Around the dispute over gypsum board in China, experts pointed out that Chinese manufacturers produce according to relevant American standards and the requirements of American buyers. As the relevant industry standards and requirements are imperfect, it is obviously unreasonable to blame the problem on Chinese manufacturers

the "China gypsum board incident" is similar to the "China toy recall incident" in 2007. In 2007, Mattel, the world's largest toy manufacturer, recalled 20million toys made in China three times on the grounds that the lead content in toy paint exceeded the standard. After Mattel filed a lawsuit in the United States, after the Chinese toy manufacturers fully defended, the public learned that 85% of the products of the Chinese toy manufacturers were manufactured in accordance with the design and standards of the American toy manufacturers. Finally, Mattel admitted that most products were due to Mattel's design problems. Therefore, Chinese toy manufacturers are exempt from punishment

there is no final conclusion about whether the product has problems. However, the rise of new building materials in China is making American enterprises face great competition. According to the statistics released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the export delivery value of China's building materials industry in 2009 reached 142.2 billion yuan, with a cumulative export amount of 15.2 billion US dollars. In 2009, China's paint production broke through the 7million ton mark at one stroke, leaping to "the first place in the world in terms of paint production". In 2009, the export delivery value of China's coatings was 7.506 billion yuan, down 46.4% from 14.017 billion yuan in the same period last year, showing a significant negative growth. This shows that under the influence of the financial crisis, the paint industry, like China's overall export situation, is seriously hampered by exports, the export market continues to be volatile, and the export situation is facing a huge test

although from the current situation, Chinese coatings are mainly sold domestically, and the export market is not the key market of Chinese made coatings, with the rapid development of Chinese made coatings, the export overseas market is bound to become an important market of Chinese coatings. Under the influence of foreign financial crisis, countries have begun to strengthen trade protection, mold should be heated; Measures to ensure the interests of domestic enterprises. In this context, it is not ruled out that the relevant Chinese coating enterprises may suffer unfair treatment when exporting. Take precautions. If you encounter the problem of "gypsum door" responding or not responding to the lawsuit, wisdom believes that on the one hand, our coating enterprises should clean up with strict and standardized quality certification, on the other hand, they should decisively take up legal weapons to protect their own interests. This so-called quality dispute case suddenly heated up in the current economic environment and directly pointed to "made in China". After all, there are many complex factors

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